Fasteners traditionally limit/determine the visual and structural design of a deck. The Lor-T Concealed Fastening System unlocks total freedom of design while maintaining the highest level of aesthetic value. We have created a simplified installation process and low or zero maintenance costs to open the door to the future of deck fastening.

Lor-T Concealed Fastening System

  • Truly Hidden
  • Highest Level of Aesthetic Value
  • Freedom of Design
  • Simplified Installation
  • Faster Installation
  • Mitigates Damages to Deck Material
  • During Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Repair(s) / Replacement
  • Safer (heat, buckling, metal penetration, etc.)



The Lor-T Concealed Fastening System is comprised of the revolutionary Lor-T Bracket, fastening screw and a unique groove pattern which can be pre-ordered or milled in the field into any wood, composite, or PVC decking. This system can be installed over all standard framing layouts. Brackets are inserted into the groove at each framing member. A simple turn, tap, and single screw is all it takes! The pitfalls of traditional fasteners have created maintenance issues and aesthetic degradation over time, but the Lor-T Concealed Fastening System allows for the design and building of the highest quality deck that is built right, built once, and enjoyed forever.


The Lor-T Concealed Fastening System allows homeowners, architects, builders and contractors to maximize flexibility without increasing costs. A whole new world of design choices becomes available while maintaining a simple installation approach that saves time. Additionally, repairs become quick and easy as the Lor-T CFS can focus the work on ANY single plank regardless of the original fasteners used.




Lower Deck Temperature

The unique geometry of the concealed fastening system allows for the cooler air underneath the deck to flow closer to the core of the deck material. This can help to reduce the surface temperature of the deck and help to limit thermal expansion.

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